Uploading and optimizing chatbots

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software robot designed to interact with users who visit your Facebook page or website via an automated chat service. Chatbots allow users to chat instantly with a company, boosting the quality and speed of customer service and, by extension, improving customer satisfaction. Chatbots can be conversational or transactional and can even be used for recruitment campaigns.

Powered by a form of artificial intelligence and sequences pre-programmed by a marketer, chatbots initiate conversations with customers, candidates or subscribers to:

  • Encourage them to take an action,whether it’s entering a contest or subscribing to a newsletter to answering a survey or applying for a job;
  • Act as a first point of contact by answering general questions and directing the user to a representative if they need further customer service;
  • Perform transactionssuch as taking orders or following up post-transaction .

The robot relies on a pre-established tree structure to engage in conversation and answer questions. It uses question/answer libraries and artificial intelligence to analyze and understand messages.

Did you know?…

More than two billion messages are exchanged on Facebook Messenger every single month ?

Why do you need it?

Chatbots can quickly become one of your most valuable relationship marketing tools. Instant messaging is the second most popular way to communicate with a company today,, with 64 percent of people preferring to send an instant message to a company rather than calling or emailing them.

Chatbots play in all three top pillars of the business world: marketing, sales and customer service. And they knock all three out of the park by striking fast while boosting customer satisfaction.

Here are the top seven reasons to add a chatbot to your arsenal of marketing tools:

  1. The customer is king ? Consumers increasingly opt to chat rather than email or call a company for customer service.
  2. There’s no time to waste  Online consumers are impatient and have high expectations. A chatbot can answer their questions in real time, anytime. 24/7
  3. Think mobile ? Chatbots are expertly adapted to mobile use.
  4. Stay in the loop ? Avoir recours à des robots est une tendance de plus en plus importante pour les marques.
  5. Make an impression ?‍♂️ Users are 3.5 times more inclined to open a Facebook message than a marketing email2.
  6. Customers can shop in their comfort zone ? No need to leave Facebook Messenger to make a purchase. Chatbots can handle online transactions.
  7. Sweeten the deal ? Chatbots can keep the conversation going. Un exemple? So if someone leaves their shopping cart without completing the transaction, the chatbot can contact them and offer them a special offer, like free delivery or return.

How does it work?

Chatbots can be installed directly on the Facebook Messenger app. According to an announcement made by Facebook at the annual F8 conference, major investments will soon be made in the Messenger app to revamp and promote it. Given Facebook’s marketing reach, this is a strong message businesses can’t afford to ignore.

The two elements needed to activate a chatbot:

  1. Access to the company’s Facebook page
  2. A user licence for the software robot

The cost of the licence depends on the number of users. But don’t worry, Spritz has got you covered.