SEO, SEM and social media strategic support

Strategic support, defined.

Strategic support is a community management consultation service. It involves guiding and advising clients and collaborating with them daily to effectively execute their social networking strategy and marketing campaigns.

What is strategic support?

Strategic support is one of the consulting services we offer at Spritz. Feeling overwhelmed? Looking to delegate some of your tasks? Need expert advice and/or strategic guidance on a specific project? We’re here to help.

In emergency mode? We’re in solution mode to help you when you need it. On est en mode solution. On s’ajuste. We take care of all the details so you can focus on your day to day.

You can feel confident delegating anything that’s too much to us, because that’s what we do every day. Our team is used to delivering fast.

In the planning stages of a project? We’ll work closely with you to brainstorm ideas and strategies, develop a plan of action, choose the right key messages, decide on the best tactics to use, define the budget and work out the timeline.

Depending on the expertise you need, our specialist strategists will act as consultants on a specific mandate, guiding you through the entire process. Strategic support gives you a second pair of eyes, helping to:

  • Validate your ideas;
  • Get a different perspective;
  • Create a plan of action;
  • Take effective steps.

You’re in good hands. We’ll keep you informed on the best current practices, the latest features to leverage and the updates to keep in mind.

In operation mode? If you have a specific mandate and need additional resources, Spritz can help.

Got a product to launch, a campaign to deploy or a major event to organize? If you’re short on time or resources, our team will help you execute your strategy quickly and efficiently, with zero compromise on quality. We’re here to complement your team, making up for any shortfalls when your workload is intense or when your team is overstretched.

Que vous soyez en mode urgence, en phase de planification stratégique ou d’exécution, ou en mode proaction ou action-réaction, Spritz met à votre service des stratèges chevronné(e)s et des ressources rapides, professionnelles et expérimentées.

Why do you need it?

To make your brand shine. Good community management offers multiple benefits. We want the brands we represent to shine on their social platforms, on the web and in the world of community management.

To showcase your creativity. The stronger and brighter your posts, the more thy appear in users’ feeds. Social media is an opportunity to boost your notoriety, to engage in meaningful conversations with your community, and to promote your products and services.

Because you can’t know everything all the time. Even the most accomplished marketing pros don’t have all the knowledge it takes to develop and execute a thoughtful and comprehensive strategy. Social media and web marketing are constantly evolving, and staying up to date is a daily job… our job, not yours ;-). You can count on us to make sure your strategy is relevant and up-to-date.

Clients often turn to us when they’re short on time. When things get busy, the unexpected can happen. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, Spritz is there to support you.

How does it work?

Our strategic support is tailor-made to you. We discuss your needs, assess your situation and develop a game plan to get you moving in the right direction.

In concrete terms, we attend strategic planning meetings or work sessions, review documents and offer expert advice based on best practices.

Communication and collaboration are our keys to success. At Spritz, we have a wealth of experience working with different teams. Whether it’s with other agencies, internal resources or external partners, collaboration comes easy to us and it’s the thing we enjoy most. Being flexible and working as a team is part of our corporate culture. We’ll never insist on doing things our way at any cost. We adapt and adjust, always.