A constellation
called Spritz

We are Spritz. A constellation of highly complementary experts working towards a common goal: our customers’ success.

Spritz in 60 seconds

At Spritz, we’ve got social running through our veins. We’ve mastered every platform and we know how and where to get you noticed. We pour our hearts and souls into every project to make our partners shine on social media and across all online platforms.

But we’re not all about social, we’re also digital. Why? We also live and breathe Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). And we’re constantly crunching the numbers, analyzing and measuring to make them talk. And to make them talk in a language everyone understands so we can keep on evolving and improving. When we say “simplify and amplify,” that’s exactly what we’re talking about. It’s our motto.

What sets us apart? Our original and relevant content, our easy interaction on social networks, but also our total dedication and consistency over time.

Bringing strategies to life is our job. We’re in the business of operations and deployment. Every day, our expert teams manage both community and ad campaigns, without ever cutting a single corner.

Spritz is no flash in the pan, we’re long-term partners.











Éloise Sauvé

President, strategy

Étienne Lessard

Partner, social director

Philippe Gilbert

Partner, digital director

Marie Eve Berlinger

Consultant, discoverability plan and culture

Silvia Asti


Sophie Giroux

Strategic Creative Director

Margot Guenel

Accounts director and office events coordinator

Laurence Daoust

Accounts director

Marylou Girard-Bouchard

Accounts director

Alex Berthiaume

Content supervisor

Alexandre Stavras

Account Manager, Digital

Antoine Fournier

Digital performance expert

Raimana Tunoa

Supervisor, digital

Maxime Létourneau

SEO/SEM Expert

Joseph Ghanem

Digital marketing campaign manager

Véronique Gauthier


Jean-Philippe Garneau

Content and trend specialist

Charlotte Strozynski

Graphic designer

Livia Martin

Content and trend specialist

Amélie Martineau

Graphic designer

Alexandra Fragman

Project manager

Olivier Marquis

Project manager

Zineb Dina Kettani

Digital marketing campaign manager

Zoé Marchal

Graphic designer

Alicia Tremblay

Community manager

Samuel Nollet

Videographer and community manager

Nicolas Bernier

Community manager

Thomas Reddy

Community manager

Jessy Aubry

Community manager

Lara Mery

Content creator and community manager

Jimmy Hamelin


Robin Hornstein

Professional Certified Coach

Chloé Gauthier

Copywriter, translator and editor

Elisabeth Cardin


Isaiah Ceccarelli


Gravitates in
our Milky Way