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Meet the Spritz all-stars

We’re curious, informed and constantly learning to stay on top of the latest trends. What sets us apart from the big agencies? Our dedicated, collaborative, transparent, unpretentious and fully-integrated service—which we deliver from the beginning to the end of every mandate (when there is an end!). We care about our clients and we give our all to make them shine. They put their trust in us, and that makes all the difference.


Eloïse Sauvé
President, strategy


Étienne Lessard
Partner, social director


Philippe Gilbert
Digital operations Director

Margot Guenel, chargée de projet, Spritz social et numérique

Margot Guenel
Social & digital project manager

Marylou Girard Bouchard, chargée de projet, Spritz social et numérique

Marylou Girard Bouchard
Social & digital project manager


Antoine Fournier
Social & digital project manager


Silvia Asti
Social & digital project manager

Laurence Daoust, coordonnatrice, Spritz social et numérique

Laurence Daoust


Zoé-Lee Paquette
Digital project manager


Lavinia Botez
Content strategist and lead copywriter


Maxime St-Jean Bergeron
Senior digital performance strategist

Amélie Martineau, graphiste, Spritz social et numérique

Amélie Martineau
Graphic designer


Magalie Shah
Community manager


Marie-Julie Bergeron
Junior photographer and community manager


Noémie Lespérance
Community manager


Thomas Vallières
Copywriter and translator

Chloé Gauthier, rédactrice, traductrice, réviseure, Spritz social et numérique

Chloé Gauthier
Copywriter, translator, editor, OTTIAQ member

Marie Eve Berlinger

Marie Eve Berlinger
Consultant, Discoverability Plan and Culture

Elyse Cavalancia, gestionnaire des opérations numériques, Spritz social et numérique

Elyse Cavalancia
Digital operations manager

Célina Bailey, Directrice artistique, photographe et vidéaste, Spritz social et numérique

Célina Bailey
Art director, photographer and videographer

Marie-Annick Boisvert, consultante marketing et relationniste de presse, Spritz social et numérique

Marie-Annick Boisvert
Marketing and PR consultant

Anne Dongois, consultante en relations publiques et de presse, Spritz social et numérique

Anne Dongois
Marketing and PR consultant

Jimmy Hamelin, photographe senior, Spritz social et numérique

Jimmy Hamelin
Senior photographer

Patricia Brochu, photographe senior, Spritz social et numérique

Patricia Brochu
Senior photographer

Our community managers are our best-kept secret. They’re the pros who post, interact with, monitor and moderate our clients’ various social media accounts. Followers expect almost instant feedback when they post a message on a brand’s page or send a private message. And our community managers deliver!